Openbravo ERP

Openbravo is “Everyone’s ERP”–a comprehensive, ready to use, web-based open source business management solution that automates all of the core business processes for small and medium-sized companies, ranging from accounting and financial management, to sales, purchasing, inventory management and more.

Written in Java and offering a choice between Oracle and PostgreSQL as database, Openbravo is model-driven, allowing easy extension and configuration of the system. The simple, powerful, and consistent browser screens do not require any client software installation, are intuitive for users to learn, and designed for efficient daily use. The comprehensive web service coverage enables easy integration with other applications.

Openbravo ERP is the foundation of a global ecosystem that is changing the way ERP solutions are developed, marketed, and consumed. Its modular architecture enables easy creation and deployment of native third party extensions, and Openbravo ERP users can complement the core functionality, choosing from an ever increasing portfolio of modules providing localization capabilities, additional functions and vertical specialization. The Openbravo ERP ecosystem provides packaged solutions to support all the core business processes shared by most companies, enabling Openbravo users to quickly realize the benefits of implementing an ERP and allowing them to focus their implementation efforts on the processes that provide a true competitive advantage.

Openbravo Community Edition on Ubuntu is a free and fully functional ERP, ready for production usage. Organizations wishing to maximize the benefits of their ERP system can also easily activate a Professional Edition subscription and enjoy: Full support for both the application and technology stack Premium functionality Access to a broader portfolio of extensions, including commercial modules and solutions. Get started now, and become part of Openbravo’s global vision of “Opening ERP’s Future”.

Total Size: 184MB to download, 1,309MB when installed
Version: 2.50MP-25EU1-1maverick1 (openbravo-erp)
License: Unknown
Updates: Canonical does not provide updates for Openbravo ERP. Some updates may be provided by the third party vendor.

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  7. zaien says:

    another openbravo tutorial (user guide, installation, configuration)

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